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Fire University

Fire University is a science-based podcast covering the latest research in fire ecology and how it relates to management of wildlife and plant communities.

This podcast is part of a larger podcast network: Natural Resources University, funded by the Renewable Resources Extension Act.


Natural Resources University

Mar 30, 2021

In this episode, Dr. Lashley sits down with his previous graduate students Rainer Nichols, Moriah Boggess & Jacob Dykes to talk about what they learned about fire, wildlife habitat and wildlife behavior, and how that’s prepared them for their careers now.


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Mar 16, 2021

Should we be burning while turkeys are nesting? 

To cover this controversial topic, Dr. Lashley sits down with Dr. Mike Chamberlain of the University of Georgia and David Hawley of the Wild Turkey Report to discuss in detail the potential risks and benefits of burning during this time frame. Also, we cover burn window,...

Mar 2, 2021

Taking the first steps into using prescribed fire can be daunting – Which tools are needed? How do you develop a plan? Where you can find help and consultation? Look no further!

In this week’s episode of Fire University, Dr. Marcus Lashley sits down with John Stivers and John Gruchy, both with years of experience...